Working with your specific concerns, I can help you recover from your trauma on the deepest level possible. I provide complete physical, emotional, and spiritual healing using the tools and holistic wisdom of Chinese medicine. I spend considerable time with each patient and use specific acupuncture points on his or her body to release and heal any emotional and spiritual trauma. Treatments are provided in a relaxing environment using calming music, essential oils, a heated treatment table, and low lighting in order to provide the deepest possible healing experience.

A typical treatment plan is 6-8 visits. For optimum results, I will see you twice a week. My office will verify your claim with your insurance, and we will take care of the all billing so that you don’t have that added stress.

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The emotional and spiritual toll a car accident takes on your personal and family life can last for months or even years if you don’t properly deal with all the issues.

Let me help you find the right road to a full recovery.

I was really traumatized after my car accident. Tina’s caring and gentle ways let me release my fears and helped me heal on deeper level. I am very grateful for her care and service.
— Donna P., Poway, CA