Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does acupuncture hurt?

The short answer is no. Some patients report no more than a quick feeling of a gentle pin prick. Most patients report feeling no pain and quickly report a state of deep relaxation.

2. What if I’m afraid of needles?

Some patients only require one or two needles and can be treated with acupressure or essential oils on the acupuncture body points. With deep breathing and mindfulness techniques I can help even the most sensitive patient relax.

3. Do you take insurance?

My clinic accepts United Health Care (HMO and PPO) and Landmark Health Plan. We also accept medical coverage from your automobile insurance if you have an open accident claim.

4. How many treatments will I need?

For acute conditions, most cases will resolve in 6-8 treatments. Chronic conditions may require more.

5. How can I be sure your herbs are safe?

I source both my custom granules and patent capsules from reliable American sources. Some herbs are grown on my supplier’s farm with his own loving hands. I am happy to talk to you and show you the sources before I prescribe.

6. What kind of training and licensing do you have?

I earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. This is a 5-year degree that includes Chinese medical theory and diagnosis as well as a biomedicine curriculum and more than 1,000 hours as an intern in the school clinic. I am licensed by the State of California Acupuncture Board to practice Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and prescribe Chinese herbs.